Learning is a weapon of Destroying Our Illness !!!

Innova for champs’ programme will always finds new and creative ways to get our students excited to learn. Kids champions can join this programming adventure and become talented developers who is capable of writing codes in minutes. We are offering those kinds of learning which every parent wish to give their kids - The brilliant mixture of graphics, games and tech wonders. Enjoyable and organized sessions for fundamental structures, modules, functions & coding etc.

  • Bringing out hidden talents: Kids learn languages to communicate and express their feelings, ideas and outstanding thoughts which strengthens their verbal and written abilities Coding also possess a language- the amazing disney world of 0's and 1's which every kids should travel so that children will get to know the rapidly moving technology world around them and be able to speak the technological wonders around them.
  • Waking up the innovative minds: Programming or coding wonders helps children to experiment new things and fosters their creativity. Creative minds won't stop and it would be difficult to catch those butterflies who will fly higher and higher and bloom like little stars.
  • Career orientation and Logical skills: In this digital age of transformation, technological skills will help our young champs to be competent and builds up logical and problem-solving skills. This will be a ladder support to students for boost up their confidence, communication, creativity & math skills. The leading companies like JP Morgan, IBM, Amazon Sky etc being the top most recruiters for developers in 2019-20.
  • Achieves academic progress: For being outstanding in a mass crowd our champs have to be extra ordinary, through coding children learns how to plan and organize thoughts. This is way to develop critical thinking and maintain the emotional intelligence. The languages like python, java and swift growth trend is outstripping similar programming languages.
  • Be unique from scratch: Kids can jump straight into technological world and can learn how to create games, programs, websites and even integrate with robotics. The initial roots must have to be stronger so that we can sharpen it in future and can become a giant tree of tech expertise.

  • Visual appealing and practical sessions given by Innova expert trainers which helps students to learn from basics and builds fundamental logical skills.
  • Games and fun programs to motivate kids and extends the passions for coding on kids beyond the walls of schools.
  • Learning through the methods of graphics and apps makes the students more engaging and helps to impart valuable job skills on students.
  • Courseware’s with colourful illustration and catchy notes along with store lines creates deep interest on students.
  • Brain storming sessions and awards along with playful exercises will make the students more creative and develop their insights about tech wonders.
  • Dedicated faculties who will give one to one attention to students for imparting the skills from basics and supports them for experimenting new ideas.
  • Daily exercise and application oriented real time learning makes the students more engageable and successful.
  • Supports kids to learn the widely used programming language through unique examples and programming puzzles.

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Learning is a weapon of Destroying Our Illness....